Technology in the Future

Technology has taken us to many places today. In the year 2025 we may become even more advanced. We as humans have brilliant minds so we can invent anything. If the invention is really complicated then it will take some time. That’s why I say in the year 2025 we will be even more advanced than we are now. From the Internet to color television we have invented that so we can invent even more great technologies that will help the environment.

I think the invention of flying cars will exist.  The cars could even run off of the impurities in the air! The cars running on this will help save the environment. Of course we will have to make new traffic laws. We could put up hovering street signs, to tell the drivers how fast to go, and about how high to fly things like that. We could also put some police officers in these cars to make sure the people follow the laws and signs. These cars won’t be flying very high so they don’t interfere with the planes. They will also have special systems so they can land. This is how I think that flying cars will exist.

The problem on earth is also about trash. We could invent a device that zaps away trash. This way the landfills, that hold trash, won’t contaminate ground water. These zappers could run on solar power, so we could charge it outside. This will also be eco friendly. The trash will be vaporized and could turn into recycled materials, like a plastic bottle will turn into something else that is made of plastic. This trash zapper could save lives by keeping the chemicals in the trash from contaminating ground water under landfills. If the landfills are empty then it won’t contaminate the groundwater. All people who drink the ground water would be safe. This device will help save lives and the planet.

Everyone likes to read books, but books take up paper.  Computer books won’t take any paper. Computer books are little machines that are digital or holographic books. These computer books will show the scenes of the story. These books will also show you the whole series if it is in one. Some of these books will even have sound so you could hear the characters voices. When the book has a sound affect you could hear it. All of the computer books will be in color. If you want to read it again it will let you. The computer book will have a verification start so it will know who is reading it. The computer book will also show the words of the book. If you want to look something up in the book it will let you. If you lend it to a friend it will not do any thing to your spot. This shows how advanced and handy computer books are.

Teleportation tubes will save time to get around. These tubes teleport you to wherever it is that you want to go to. It works on electricity but it uses the amount of a light bulb. It will usually be transparent; the main part doesn’t always have to be that big. To return you take around a little machine where you press a button and it take you back to the one you came from. This invention is very easy to keep its like having a pencil you use it a lot, but if you use it to much at one time it will break. That’s why there will be flying cars and such. The only bad thing is that you need to type in where you need to go. Good thing is there is a map of the area. These things show how useful and good it is to have a teleportation tube around.

The year 2025 will be more advanced. We will invent even more advanced machines. These machines will help our everyday lives. We have invented the internet and television these are advanced machines. If we could invent these things we can invent even more advanced machines. We just need the right idea to invent things so we could become even more advanced. This is why I think we will become even more advanced.