Hello everybody! I’m Maritza from Miss Nichols class. This is my first blog. I going to try to make this blog fun.I will be using this blog to show my work from class and to just comment about things. I hope you enjoy visiting my blog.I love reading adventure books, fantasy(fiction). or survival books. You can comment on my work, I would appreciate it if you gave me your opinion of my work.

I love to use computers to do work and have fun. I like playing soccer and listing to rock music and music from different places. I also like anime my favorite is Bleach and Naruto. I love dogs my favorites are chihuahuas, golden retrieves, and german shepards and and almost any other animal and I am okay with house cats.I love to read, play with me dog, and play video games.I’m almost 12 years old. I have a family of five my mom, dad ,my two sisters, and myself.My favorite color is blue and I love cookies!I love to go swimming in the summer and going to my grandma’s ranch in Mexico.

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  1. Hi Maritza
    I love your blog – especially your cute pet fox! Do you have foxes in the US? We do in Australia but they are pests really as they eat the native animals like tiny marsupial mouses, possums and birds 🙁

    I hope you enjoy blogging – it is a great way to “talk” to other kids from around the world! What do you think the best thing about blogging is??


    • For what I know we don’t have foxes in the united states, except in zoos. Is Australia a nice place to live? I’ve always wanted to see Australia.

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