Hi everyone. I’m going to summer vacation pretty soon so I won’t be blogging as often. I hope you will have a good summer. I know I will!:) I am going to be at home and relax all summer what will you people do for the summer comment on this to tell me. You can comment on this to give me suggestions for my blog like what to blog about I’ve run short of ideas. I may stop blogging on this blog altogether but I don’t think anyone will miss me so goodbye for now! If I make a new blog come visit me and I’ll post my url up on this post or on a new one. Have a nice summer all!:)

Persuasive- Should students have laptops?

I know things like laptops are expensive to most people, but laptops are very helpful to a students education. I know that laptops are important, because students do a lot of researching, but books don’t have lots of information in them or it’s hard to find. I think students should have laptops. Researching typing and other computer things should be available to a student without having to share and fight over the one computer they have. Money is a problem, but business and companies have money so they can donate students money and/or laptops to students who don’t have their own laptops. The very good and helpful companies and businesses could gain popularity and maybe even money.

Using laptops can save paper too. So if all students used their laptops global warming would improve. E-mails alone save one to two pieces of paper plus an envelope for each message. So if all letters were to be online the world would last longer! If students used their computers to type their reports and essays their school things would be better organized and easy to access for the students. Some statistics show that kids do better typing than plain printing.

Even though people don’t know it, but using the computer help s to develop one’s reading writing and vocabulary skills. On the internet many websites help people improve their skills like writing in different languages. Vocabulary and reading are developed when researching online because the websites use professional words that make the mind work hard to know what it means therefore improving one’s reading and vocabulary. While typing reports the student learn to correct their own spelling and grammar mistakes therefore improving their writing skills. This shows how they can improve their education online.

Another reason for students having their own laptop is that a tremendous amount of jobs require computer knowledge. Company jobs have large amounts of amount of employees who work all day on the computers. We all want to be successful, but we should think of others and let the new generations have a chance to succeed! This will result in action in jobs that need a lot of education. The companies might even get more money because their are more educated experienced workers to hire and all this because of a donation they made to students. This new world will be thriving in success!

So to all the companies and businesses reading this essay right now I ask you to please consider these reasons. Companies and businesses can make more money if they donate because of more educated and experienced workers. Saving paper is important to everyone now because of global warming. Education is a very important key to succeed to the new generations because its a chance to earn their own responsibilities and money. So to all the people reading this donate money or laptops to all the students who dont have their own laptops!


picture from Thomas.Schiet at google

picture from Thomas.Schiet at google

Krakatou is the volcano I’m using as my science progect. It’s a cinder-cone volcano and is active. I was presenting but when I mentioned it had a child or it formed another small cinder-cone volcano called Anak Krakatou ( child of Krakatou ) everyone laughed. I have to admit it was pretty funny. Well just for fun here is a picture of Krakatou.


There are many type of wild cats like cheetah(my favorite) there are also the most famous cats are house cats. Honestly I like house cats but I don’t trust them because every cat scratches and bites me. A few weeks ago a girl offered me a kitten I have a kind heart so I took it. The minute I got home I got into so much trouble. I’m alergic to cat I sneeze about an hour after  my interaction with a cat I sneeze a lot. So  I was close to having to give the kitten to the vet who would probably kill it. Thank my big sister who has a friend who loves cats a lot. She called her cat loving friend and her friend took the kitten. That made every one happy. I still after that experience don’t trust cats the kitten bite and scratched me to. I think in general cats just don’t like me.

the kitten loked like this. Kitty picture fom Hitcher at google images

The kitten loked like this. Kitty picture fom Hitcher at google images

My Home Garden

I love flowers! At home I help my mom with her garden sometimes.  this weekend we were planting new flowers around our big tree. When we go to the store to buy the flowers she would let me choose some. Which flowers do you think I got? Comment on this post to tell me your guess I post again to tell you which I choose. I’ll put the names of those who got some flowers right in my next post. I don’t know that many names of flowers so I’ll count colors too. I look forward to reading all your comments.

Ode to My dog

My dog my snow

Snowflake is her name,

beautiful as snow

elegant as a snowflake

yet pure and innocent

as white, but vicious

as red. My dog

is caring, helpful

she cares for us always.

Sleepy  dog, she sleeps all day

but plays all the time she is awake.

My dog cheers me up .

Does she like me?

Well, yes and no.

She loves when I lay

and sleep and keep still

so she can sleep on my lap

as well as when I’m peaceful

and no because she fears

those towering over her.

My Chihuahua I love

her when she peaceful

and herself, violent,

is when I do not like her

she has a strong

bite, but I love

my dog all day

all night

today, tomorrow, and…


Student Blogging Challenge nominations 3

For the blogging challenge were are nominating blogs I chose to nominate 2m’s blog for the class blog. I liked this class blog’s posts pictures and links the most I liked their post about the diary of a wimpy kid they have everything in that post links pictures and a nice post.  I like their theme it is so fun to scroll up and down. Their widgets are fun to like their voci.